My new obsession…


I have begun a long process of decluttering.  While I like to think I keep my house very CLEAN, it is often cluttered and disorganized in many areas.  I have begun tackling them one at a time, so that I do not become overwhelmed.  The first areas I took care of were the kids closets and dressers.  They now have clean and organized clothing areas.  Katie kept getting out of her big girl bed though and dressing in layers upon layers of her clothes.  Sooo, we had to put a little lock on the outside of the door.  Sheesh.  So far, for a month, they have stayed clean!  SO I moved on.  I decluttered our pantry.  And one cabinet in the kitchen.  Done.  Just yesterday I moved into our master bath. Whew.  I threw out some old tylenol from 2003. 

I LOVE waking up to organization.  I never knew how much easier it would make life.  I love knowing that the boys have all their clothes ready to go in the morning.  I love that they can put their clothes away because there is room for them now.  I love that I can find my eye cream.  Yay!

My next HUGE tackle is our closet.  We have so many clothes that we do not wear.  It is time to give them away. 

What are you working on???

Oh, and make sure you have plenty of trash bags, and this on hand…..



7 thoughts on “My new obsession…

  1. Pictures please.
    My latest attempt at decluttering was my laundry room. I went out and got 3 smaller laundry baskets and labeled them. These are for the kids to throw laundry in. Then after the laundry is finished and I am sorting I use each basket for each kid. The nice thing about the smaller basket is one basket is exactly one load for the washer. Easier to keep up on and higher chance that I will actually use the bleach if I know I already have a full load. I was never very good at seperating my “colors” now it is already done so everything by default looks better. I will send you a pic of my lovely laundry baskets since I can’t post it.

  2. Good for you… It is the only way I can survive. I HATE clutter. I can only function if things are organized. Not so true about the rest of my sweet family. They really couldn’t care less. My next project with Taylor is his closet. Lindsay’s we tackled before she went off to college. Look out Taylor! Time to clean out the old clothes. Those kids. They just keep growing taller.

  3. You so do not need eye cream, for crying out loud.
    Also, this coming from me, the fanatical clutter freak and obsessive cleaner (remember I did almost a year of therapy getting over my OCD-ish cleaning fetish, for which there are reasons of origin you are too familiar with even though we processed them in different ways, but anyway): make sure you don’t get overzealous in your newfound delight of organization! Take it from me! I miss a lot of the things I have tossed in the past. And tell Katie I think you’re Mommy Mean for not letting her slap on the layers. She is developing her signature style! She could win Project Runway and you could hire four cleaning people companies!

  4. I love to declutter and I do so on a regular basis. I love to give my sister clothes that I no longer wear, or donate things to the Goodwill or Salvation Army. I just love free, well-organized spaces.

  5. You go girl! I do love a clutter free home, but it’s hard for me to do these days. I started my own organization/cleaning company 3 years ago and now I do it for others not me! Although I’m getting ready to shut the business down, I’m not sure when I’m gonna want to start on my own house again. But reading your post has inspired me!

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