The new little QUEEN


Meet our new QUEEN.  The Queen of all things 2.  The Queen of NO and I WON’T and MAMMMMMAAAAA!  Jackee mean.  Sammy mean.  Daddy mean.  Mommy mean.  Wow.  UGH.  And bahahaha, I just have to giggle at her and how serious she is.  I love our little queen.  So much.


8 thoughts on “The new little QUEEN

  1. Is Sarah mean? I think she’s mean sometimes. Remember when no one was her friend? It does pass, slower than we’d like, but we will break their snootyness and remind them who the real queen is!

  2. Oh my gosh – that is Chloe through and through – and stories galore – I hear you!! Makes us all smile!! What would we do without our little China Dolls?!?!? 🙂

  3. She is so cute. I can’t belived how long it has been since I have seen you guys. Katie was acting 13 this weekned. I can relate. It will not be fun around here in a few years!

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