5 Things about Fall


My sister Amy, had a list of 5 things she loves about fall…so here are my 5 things….(if only it would dip below 80 here today!)

1.  Being able to wear yummy sweaters and boots.  And to sleep with extra blankets on.

2.  Soup soup and more soup.

3.  Charlie Brown Halloween is on CBS. (I have to watch it on CBS)

4.  Dark evenings with candles glowing all around my house.

5.  The smell of Pumpkin candles from The Yankee Candle Co.



5 thoughts on “5 Things about Fall

  1. Hey Heather, I actually just search with google images and then save the photos. Then I use them. Fun huh?? LOL, love your blog- and your kids are so big and sweet!! : )

  2. I’ll share gladly my cold temps with u. Move to PA and u could enjoy the annual Farmers Fair Event…ie, eat junk food from every vendor in sight! Bring on the Funnel Cakes and Apple Dumplings!!!

  3. I LOVE soup as well and Yankee Candles, yum! I love fall for: College Football-GO AUBURN!!, the changing color of the leaves, the smell of burning leaves and wood and roasting pumpkin seeds(I always have a stomach ache the next day..lol)!!

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