A fun meme

I daily read a sweet blog from Sarah….and she had a fun meme on it.  SO TAG…if you want to do it, tell me in my comment section!!

If I had 5 minutes to myself, I would….

1. Go get a bit diet coke with ice and a straw.

2.  Sit in silence.

3.  Read a chapter in a book.

4.  Go pee alone.

5.  Lie down.

If I had $5 to spend I’d buy….

1. A silly magazine.

2. Hand lotion

3.  Diet Coke or Diet Dr. Pepper

4.  Ice cream for the kids

5.  A card for Michael.

Five Items I would love to get rid of…

1. Clutter in my closet.

2.  Those stubborn last 6 lbs.

3.  Michael’s shirt he bought at Wal Mart

4.  Lincoln logs (hate them)

5.  my couch, I would love a new one.

5 items I could not part with….

1.  My family

2.  My friends

3.  My bible

4.  Diet coke

5.  kleenex

5 words or phrases I would love to hear….

1. The dishwasher is empty!

2.  We have free refills.

3.  I love you Momma.

4.  I am so glad I married you.

5.  It is _______________ (best pal) Birthday- dinner out!!


3 thoughts on “A fun meme

  1. My shirt isn’t that bad, is it?
    Based on what is listed, Jenny’s ultimate nightmare would be: to find my Walmart shirt lying on the couch, which has now been mysteriously crammed into the closet, surrounded by piles of lincoln logs. [Contractually, I cannot make any jokes/comments about the aforementioned 6 lbs.]
    And yes, I’m so glad I married you (I assume you wanted to hear that from me, not someone else!), and refills on that are always free.

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