Well.  Not trip to OK, not right now anyway.  We will probably go sometime in the Spring, but I can’t hold anything on that.  Sheesh.  First I have been convincing myself that this would be a great thing for our family, and now…well.  The Lord knows what is best!!



5 thoughts on “Postponed

  1. Can’t say that I am disappointed… you know I am so glad you will be around. God has plans… we shall see what they bring.
    Love you

  2. SIGH – Well, I think about the let down that you and Mike are probably experiencing, but at the same time, I scroll down and look at those pictures of your kids and selfishly grin at the fact that you’re here for just that much longer. 🙂 I love you!

  3. I know you guys must be disapointed…but, I’m glad to have you all around a little longer. God is definitely in control. Yea…more bday dinners to come. And, we’ll even get to work out together!

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