Cool Website

I love playing games.  As our kids get older, we are ready to move beyond Chutes and Ladders, Candyland and Crazy 4’s.  We have been playing Balloon Lagoon, The Allowance Game and Set as of late.  I found this really great website.  Hope it inspires you to start playing games!!!


I LOVE fall!!!


Ok, so even though here in sunny Southern Cali, we NEVER see colors like these, I still love fall.  Today it was FINALLY a bit cooler (read:75)….and just beautiful.  In the afternoon it got cooler.  We went and picked out our pumpkins at Whole Foods, came home to a big pot of yummy soup, homemade brown sugar oatmeal muffins and pumpkin cookies (I was a little baker this afternoon).  We had a fun dinner with lots of giggles.  Michael and the kids carved their pumpkins.  Katie Mei is in bed, the boys (all 3) are watching Mr. Bean and I am thanking the Lord for a great day.  I love fall.



Love it

Over at this awesome shop, where they have some really cute clothes….check out their new ad….complete with baby from China!!  YAY!!!!


That is sooooo cool.  Let’s all go buy jammies.


Come and visit

By popular demand (ok, for me, Leslie, Courtney and Kristine)….I have begun a new blog for all y’all who are trying to get healthy.  Eat better, move more….on WW!  So come on over to the new little blog and let me know if ya do….



My new obsession…


I have begun a long process of decluttering.  While I like to think I keep my house very CLEAN, it is often cluttered and disorganized in many areas.  I have begun tackling them one at a time, so that I do not become overwhelmed.  The first areas I took care of were the kids closets and dressers.  They now have clean and organized clothing areas.  Katie kept getting out of her big girl bed though and dressing in layers upon layers of her clothes.  Sooo, we had to put a little lock on the outside of the door.  Sheesh.  So far, for a month, they have stayed clean!  SO I moved on.  I decluttered our pantry.  And one cabinet in the kitchen.  Done.  Just yesterday I moved into our master bath. Whew.  I threw out some old tylenol from 2003. 

I LOVE waking up to organization.  I never knew how much easier it would make life.  I love knowing that the boys have all their clothes ready to go in the morning.  I love that they can put their clothes away because there is room for them now.  I love that I can find my eye cream.  Yay!

My next HUGE tackle is our closet.  We have so many clothes that we do not wear.  It is time to give them away. 

What are you working on???

Oh, and make sure you have plenty of trash bags, and this on hand…..



The new little QUEEN


Meet our new QUEEN.  The Queen of all things 2.  The Queen of NO and I WON’T and MAMMMMMAAAAA!  Jackee mean.  Sammy mean.  Daddy mean.  Mommy mean.  Wow.  UGH.  And bahahaha, I just have to giggle at her and how serious she is.  I love our little queen.  So much.