Adoption Journey

Our journey to Katie Mei

I finally got this uploaded so others can see.  I am not super talented at it, and it is a bit long…let me know what you all think!


9 thoughts on “Adoption Journey

  1. Katie Mei… from beautiful baby to sweet little girl.. we have loved being a part of the journey. We can’t wait to see her grow into the amazing woman she will be. She has awesome parents a 2 terrific big brothers.
    Little Jing-Ying we are so blessed God brought you into all our lives.

  2. Love it Jenny! The songs are wonderful – such a testimony to our great God’s love for us! He is indescrible!!!
    You did a great job – love seeing Katie Mei grow and blossom!

  3. I ditto Amy. As I watched I remembered the desperation I had as I waited on the other side of the world to hear that you finally had her in your arms. It was so great to be a part of it with you.

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