Starbucks and an interview

I had the pleasure of siting in on Michael’s meeting with the president of the company Michael is looking at (should I say the company that is looking at Michael) from Oklahoma.  He and his girlfriend were out here for a visit to family (who lived in the same city that the kids go to school in, God thing) and also for a conference.  It really was amazing.  I am pretty sure that when we visit in October, an offer will be made.  Just a feeling. 

The really amazing thing was to hear how absolutely brilliant my husband is.  I just am in awe of him.  I am not at all bright in the areas that he has been outrageously gifted, but I just LOVED listening to them.  The man from OK was awesome.  It seems like a great fit, and he said so too.  In fact he said 3 times that the meeting had been "fantastic".  We will know more in a month or so….so stay tuned. 


2 thoughts on “Starbucks and an interview

  1. Hmmm, here I am wanting to move to another state and Rick gets a new job close to home and more money (it’s a GREAT company too!). And here you are, never really planning to move and yet, planning to move out of state!
    What do you think God is trying to tell us?
    Seriously, Rick’s new job is an answer to prayer and more blessing than we imagined. And it will keep us here for another year at least. It is a global company with offices in many other states and plenty of room to grow so we’ll see what happens. I do think it will be the last company he works for. No signs of lay-offs like just before we went to China (fortunately, the notary didn’t ask what we did for a living 😉

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