Saturday thoughts

We have a lazy Saturday today. Michael is off working in South Central LA on a house that is called the Nehemiah House. They tutor kids and do amazing work for the community. I think today they are pouring concrete.

The boys are lazing around from their hard 1st week of school. They are watching Spongebob and playing Legos. Katie Mei is into Baby Songs by Hap Palmer. Helllooo 1985. Wow, did we really wear neon and mini skirts? She loves it. And thankfully, the DVD’s are available. Sometimes a little tv is ok with this mommy.

Things in the moving department are moving forward, a bit. Michael got a phone call from the president of the company he sent in his resume to. This place is amazing. Michael really liked this gentleman, and is looking forward to meeting with him. And isn’t it just such a God thing, that this man went to school in So. Cal, and has an aunt that lives in Palos Verdes (a town up the hill wheere the boys school is) whom he is visiting next week. Wow. So Michael (don’t know yet if I will go) is going to meet with him next Saturday.

We had been debating on when to mention to the kids that we may be making a move. Michael and I told them at dinner last night what had been going on and what might occur. Sam was really excited and said “ok, let’s go”…and Katie Mei ate her Subway Sandwich and smiled. Our Jack, on the other hand, sobbed for about an hour on and off. He was so sad. He is a lot like Mommy. He loves his friends, and what he knows. He cannot imagine another school or church like the ones here. Now I have to say neither can I (on the church front). BUT, we got to talking about good things that might come from making this kind of move. I was also able to show him photos of the town we are looking at as well as homes and Jack got really excited. He is still sad, but I think we can get it to an OK spot.

This is so hard. The whole prospect of uprooting and starting over. But, the look on my husbands face when he talked about the company and the work they do, and how we both feel that this is where the Lord really is moving us is all worth it. I will keep y’all updated. (how did I sound using southern talk?)


12 thoughts on “Saturday thoughts

  1. The ‘southern talk’ is so normal to this Buckeye that I didn’t even notice it ;0)
    Change, even good change, can be hard. But, keep in mind all of the wonderful new opportunities that will be coming in your life…no matter where you live!
    Enjoy your lazy day :0)

  2. Uhhh, I don’t recall either of us wearing neon or mini, ohhhh no, yeah I guess I did do the mini skirt thing and quite badly to. Ohhh I should post an old picture of us in short shorts. Yes, I know I am all that is evil in your life. Can you imagine Katie with a southern accent, she will probably pick it up the fastest.

  3. Must be the age. Peter didn’t really like the idea of us moving either, but he hasn’t seen some of the places we’ve been looking. We’ve decided to finish the house within the next 9 months and then revisit the idea. Peter tends to be very soft-hearted and more sensitive. Caroline won’t really know the difference.

  4. Last night we were eating dinner and I was talking to Jaime and Carson about your move and I started crying! It was a total surprise to suddently get all lumpy and teary. I think I feel particularly sad that Jack and Carson will be further apart–he really is like her brother. 😦

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