5 Paper Chain Links Left

……..Until the start of Kindergarten for Sammy!!  He came in and pronounced that proudly this morning.  It has been a great summer, but we are all ready for school again.  I am looking forward to finding out who both boys teachers are, seeing Sammy in his uniform for the first time.  All the fun.  Then, Katie Mei and I will get a little time together too.  Fall is the best.  I love this time of year.

Things are moving a bit ahead in the moving department.  Michael has an interview in October at basically his dream place of employment.  It would be a total change in direction of his career, but one he has wanted to make since he was a teenager.  The Lord has really been opening doors for us in this interesting turn of events.  I am so excited for my sweet husband.  His joy is so apparent when he speaks of the job….soooo, how could I not be excited for him. 

Our lives will be very different.  Away from family and friends.  And our church.  I get sad. But then I know that this is what the Lord is calling us too, and that helps.  We won’t know much more until mid- Oct…..so I will keep you all updated then. Any advice on moving???  Any people in Oklahoma??


12 thoughts on “5 Paper Chain Links Left

  1. I lived in Oklahoma City, OK for 3 months for a clinical rotation in Physical Therapy school. It was flat but the people were nice;)! I’m sure it would be even a better place if the Markmillers moved there!

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