Happy Birthday Jack!!


Happy 8th Birthday, Jack!  What joy you have brought to us.  You are a kind, sweet, loving, funny, active wonderful son.  We love you so much.  Happy Happy birthday!!


Meme from Meg

My sweet sister Meg had a great meme on her blog….so I thought I would steal it.  Tag to whoever wants to do it!!!

10 Real Random Facts about me

1. I once had a frozen tub of butter thrown at my head.

2.  I once walked into a sliding glass door when it was closed at a really big party.

3.  I thought that I was past the marrying age at 21.

4.  I used to eat Peanut Butter and mayonaise sandwiches.

5.  I love Mc Donalds straws.

6. I twist my hair endlessly.

7. I cannot STAND coffee or any hot beverage.

8. I get goosebumps when I talk about my husband.

9.  I have to fall asleep with the TV or some talk radio on.

10.  I detest bugs of any kind.

9 Ways to win my heart

1.  Love God

2.  Be honest

3.  Be able to laugh at yourself

4.  Love children

5.  Love music and singing

6.  Be drippy and romantic

7.  Be goofy

8.  Put up with my goofy, quirky ways

9.  Did I say Love God??? : )

8 things I wear/carry every day

1.  My wedding rings

2.  my cell phone

3.  deoderant

4.  lip balm or gloss

5.  my digital camera

6.  a pencil

7.  Katie Mei

8.  my watch

7 things that annoy me

1.  whiny kids

2.  parents who yell at their kids

3.  ants

4.  being on hold

5. crabby people in line

6.  those dang last 5 lbs

7.  sticky kitchen floors

6 places I have visited

1.  Mammoth

2.  Belgium

3.  China

4.  Portugal

5.  Lake Winnepisauke

6.  Summerland

5 things I want to do before I die

1.  See all my children accept the Lord.

2.  Live in the same city as my sisters.

3.  Go back to China and go to Katie Mei’s orphanage.  Spend time in the place she was born.

4.  Go to Europe with Michael.

5.  Watch all my kids grow up and play with LOTS of grandbabies.

4 things I am afraid of

1. CLOWNS (thanks Meg)

2. Someone looking in a window at me.

3.  My children getting very ill.

4.  BUGS

3 things I do every day

1.  Pray

2. Sing

3. Read

2 things I am trying not to do now

1.  snack

2.  fall asleep

1 person I want to see now

1.  Carol

Aunt Amy’s Chicken Soup

Here is my favorite and easy Chicken Soup recipe

4 carrots, sliced

4 celery ribs, sliced

1 medium onion, chopped

4 chicken breasts cut up

2 cans diced tomatoes with basil, and garlic

seasonings to your taste

8 cups chicken broth

3 cloves garlic minced

In a large stock pot, saute onion and garlic in a bit of oil.  Add veggies and heat for a few minutes.  Add in salt, pepper and other spices.  Put in chicken and heat until chicken cooks a bit.  Put in broth and tomatoes.  Simmer for about 45 minutes- an hour, you can add rice or pasta as well.  Really yummy!!!  I serve it with a big salad and biscuits or french bread.  YUMMO!!!



Yah right I am gonna finish that question. BAHAAHaaa…..plus, you probably know my answer.

;  )


Hair bows

For Karen! : )

The BEST online hairbow place is where I buy Katie’s bows.  This includes the BIG ones.  She makes them so well- they are on aligator clips that are really easy to put in.  She also makes ponytail bows and headbands and lots of other cool things.  They are not cheap though, so beware. : )

As far as her wearing them….humph.  She keeps them in some of the time.  Right now, she loves wearing them and headbands because she is totally into the Princess deal.  I just tell her to leave it in and how cute it looks! 

The other place I get my bows is from Ti Ti Ayi (Auntie Kristine) and maybe if you ask her nicely…lol….I have been bugging her to start selling the beautiful things she makes.

After 2 boys, very BOY BOYS, you can be sure that for as long as she will let me, Katie Mei will be wearing her big ass bows!!! ; )



Poor Fenway- he has a "hot spot" (dog owners??) , which basically means he has a spot on his skin that drives him insane with itching.  Soooo, he chewed off all the fur and now has a mean lookin infection.  He will be fine, hense the photos.  Without further ado….. Fenway…..






I have been such a bad blogger….LOL.  Just lots going on right now, and not sure what to write about.  Suggestions????