So my friend, Becky tagged me.  This one is fun….I am supposed to say 3  things about each of my kids…. here goes!


Jack, my sweet first born…. has a tender, sweet heart….he loves to read….he is the most compassionate 7 year old I know. (I have been limited to 3, so I could go on….BUT)


Sammy, my amazing middle son….. he is FUNNY as all get out, he is a snuggle king and he has an amazing imagination.


Katie Mei, my joyous daughter….(and baby)….she is pure pure pure joy….she loves her big brothers with such passion….she loves to sing and is on tune. (big thing in our family)

Thanks Becky, that was a lot of fun….ok so I tag…. Christina, Karen, and my big sis Amy.  Have fun!!!


7 thoughts on “Tagged!

  1. That was fun, wasn’t it?!?! I think it’s good to dwell on the positive sometimes – we see the negative too often as moms!!! I enjoyed it too!!

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