Friday Funny

I happen to have the BEST friends any girl could ever want….(this is a huge shout out to all my girl friends!!) (am I hip or what using shout out)… ok, sorry, I digress.  This photo just happened.  We were leaving a restaurant Hof’s Hut, where I had been treated to a really fun Birthday dinner.  My friend, Leslie noticed this….


My apologies to the random gentleman with the lovely taste in clothing, and seats….

and my thanks too….I haven’t laughed that hard in a while.  Hope everyone has a great weekend.  We are off to a parenting conference.  We are going to hear John Rosemond speak.  We are really excited.  We get to leave this afternoon and have a night alone together.  Wahoo…ahhh the little things.


8 thoughts on “Friday Funny

  1. I’ve read his columns before. I think he used to have a weekly column in the OC Register. I always liked his take on parenting issues – he was especially supportive of teachers, too. That won me over. So, have a good time.
    That’s a great picture. Camoflauge – Hawaiian style.
    Did you have a birthday recently?

  2. I would love to hear him speak – hey, if you hear him recommend any good reading (his or anyone else’s) let me know – I love a good read – especially on parenting!!!
    Have a great time!!

  3. I will let you guys know how the seminar is. I am looking forward to it. Becky, I have read Parent Power by him and it is great. As is Raising a Non Violent Child. Have a great weekend.

  4. Happy late Birthday Jenny!
    I’m hoping we will make it to LA this Fall so the two Katie Mei’s can meet!
    I’m enjoying “watching” your family! 🙂

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