Katie’s first Dentist appt

We went to the dentist the other day for cleanings…

Katie opened her mouth for the photo but not for the dentist!  LOL….





6 thoughts on “Katie’s first Dentist appt

  1. Hi, found you at My Quiet Corner. I love the pictures at the dentist, never thought to bring my camera there, but will when my little guy goes for the first time. Welcome to the “neighborhood”, feel free to stop by anytime.

  2. Ya gotta admit, the girl can carry the bows! She’s also an apparent fashion maven with the princess outfit accessorized with goggles. Love it!

  3. Bahaha, Thanks Teresa. Let me tell you- I have waited a long time to use bows….I am gonna get the biggest bows I can find. LOL, thankfully she loves them.

  4. What a big girl for the dentist!!! We’ve already taken Ms. D. a couple of times, and she does pretty well. Aren’t you glad — I’ve heard horror stories!! I too love her bows — where do you get them? I have some for Delaynee, but I like the bigger ones.

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