A Sweet Momma Moment

As a stay at home Mom, I find that some days are longer than others.  I tire easily of playing Lego’s, wiping noses, pulling brothers apart, and making dinner for 5.  There are other days where putting puzzles together, taking a walk and seeing kitty cats, reading stories together and making play doh balls are wonderfully sweet. 

There are days when I feel like I am the only person in the world that has children as sassy as mine.  I sometimes feel as though I fight this battle called mother hood for no good reason.  These are the days that my boys do nothing but fight and argue and make each other (and their sister) cry.  These are the days which Katie gets into my bathroom and unwraps all my tampons calling them lollipops and then crying when they are not.  These are also the days that the dog manages to barf in every corner of the living room. 

Then there are some days when those other days just disappear from my memory.  These are the days in which my boys are building Lego cities working together rather than fighting.  These days contain tons of drawing all sorts of fun books, watching old Brady Bunch episodes together, and using Alphabet Cookies as nose rings.  These are the days of dressing up like Belle and cooking hot dogs in a plastic kitchen.  These are the days of reading Shaoey and Dot snuggled up in a big comfy chair while my daughter strokes my cheek.  These days wipe out the tired momma moments from my memory.

Today I had a Sweet Momma moment.  We have been concerned about something with one of our boys for a few months.  This situation has seemingly become worse and worse as time goes on.  Today I told him that we needed to go see Dr. B to discuss this because Daddy and I were really worried about him and his health.  He looked concerned and wanted more information.  I gave him the information I could.    He looked at me and went into the other room.  A moment later he was at my side and asked if he could tell me something.  I said of course.  He then whispered into my ear the true reason for what had been going on.  It was a huge admission for him.  He got teary eyed.  I just hugged him and told him how proud I was of him for telling me what he did.  I said a prayer of thanks because this was actually a real reason for the situation and there is no health scare like we were very concerned with. 

My heart was so full as I gave him a hug and told him I loved him and that we can easily work on this together.  He grinned a little then and said "really?"  And I hugged him closer and said "of course".   These are the moments that buoy me for the next time I feel like I am being dragged under by the waves of motherhood.  My children are such blessings.  I LOVE my job as their Momma.


5 thoughts on “A Sweet Momma Moment

  1. I hear ya – those are the moments that make motherhood worthwhile!!! Been there many times – I enjoy your honesty – a life as a mommy has its ups and downs!!

  2. And then they grow up. And you walk in their room while they are sleeping and their long gangly legs hang over the edge and you long for those moments when they curl up on your lap. But then, all those moments both sour and sweet lead up to what God desires. That we raise young adults who will love Him and others. That is what you are doing with your own 3. I am very proud of you and the wonderful mother and wife you are, little sister…
    Love and hugs to you

  3. Uh, let my wipe my tear… OK so I felt like I was reading a magazine article. That was awesome, Jenny. I love sweet momma moments!

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