Fun with Worship


We have much more fun then a worship team should have….LOL, no way- it is THE BEST!!!


This and that

We had a nice weekend.  After the kids got off their beds (thank you John Rosemond), we got to play!  The boys (all 3) went to help our church pack up for our big move.  Then we got to play outside- it has been just beautiful all weekend.  We blew up our little pool. jumped on the trampoline, and played basketball.  We also went to our last church service at the old facility, which was really great and emotional at the same time.  The worship was amazing, and I was blessed to sing, so that was so fun.  I will miss the building….we started attending our church when Jack was 1 and we have expanded our family with Sam and Katie since then.  We have made amazing friends, our kids have gotten wonderful teaching (and so much fun) in sunday school….we have grown in our walks with the Lord.  We are thankful.  It is really amazing how the Lord has provided for us as a church as well, so I can’t wait to see what is in store.

On Sunday evening, we had our friends, The Cash family over for dinner and had a blast.  I have to download some photos- so I will post a couple in a bit.  I just love them!  THe boys and Katie all LOVE their kids, not to mention their Auntie Courtney who bakes (and this is a quote) "THE BEST bananna chocolate chip muffins EVER"….and Uncle Brandon, who is a champion wrestler…. Thanks guys for a fun night!!! OOOOHHH, the highlights of the evening….the boys stealing the entire angel food cake and hiding it in their room….and Sarah throwing foam letters at Katie in the bath and hearing them belly laughing. It is the best!! Love you guys.


Katie and Silly Sarah…


Sweet Esther


Adorable Abigail

School starts in a week.  The boys are excited.  We have a kindergarten play date at the park tomorrow.  Sammy is nervous a bit, but mostly excited.  His paper chain that we made to count down the days, mind you 38 days ago…. is down to 7 days.  He is over the moon.  I am excited to see who their teachers are and to get back in a routine. 

Ok, rambled on enough.  Though we are in a new decision making path of our life as a family.  I am sure I will blog about it soon enough, but there MAY be a move in our future.  Don’t know yet, and I am relying on God.  I would be excited for Michael, as this would be a move into a career that he has wanted for so long….but it would be a HUGE, HUMONGOUS, GIGANTIC change.  Pray for us!!!



So my friend, Becky tagged me.  This one is fun….I am supposed to say 3  things about each of my kids…. here goes!


Jack, my sweet first born…. has a tender, sweet heart….he loves to read….he is the most compassionate 7 year old I know. (I have been limited to 3, so I could go on….BUT)


Sammy, my amazing middle son….. he is FUNNY as all get out, he is a snuggle king and he has an amazing imagination.


Katie Mei, my joyous daughter….(and baby)….she is pure pure pure joy….she loves her big brothers with such passion….she loves to sing and is on tune. (big thing in our family)

Thanks Becky, that was a lot of fun….ok so I tag…. Christina, Karen, and my big sis Amy.  Have fun!!!

Dry spell

Ok, so I cannot think of anything witty or entertaining to blog about.  The boys just got off room restriction today and I couldn’t be more happy about that.  (they were really disobeident as well as sassy and mean to each other)…Their attitude so far has greatly improved, but this mommy is beat.  SOOOOO, I want to know, anything you all want to know about me???  Ask away, I need a fun diversion!!!

Book Tag

1. A book that changed my life….

– The Waiting Child by Cindy Champnella.  An amazing story about adoption from China.

2.  A book I have read more than once…..

– Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown. I can do it all by memory.

3.  A book to take to a deserted island….

-The Bible

4.  A book that made me laugh….

-I cannot remember the name, but it was by Ellen Degeneres that Michael and I read on one of our cross country drives.  She just cracks me up.

5.  A book that made me cry….

– Where the Red Fern Grows.  I was in the 4th grade and cried and cried.  Also, Charlotte’s Web.  Still can’t read it without crying.

6.  A book I wish had been written….

-How to never feel guilty as a Mom….. LOL.

7.  A book I wish had never been written….

– Wow, ummmm, anything that would be harmful to children.

8.  A book I am currently reading….

– The New Six Point Plan for Parents, by John Rosemond.

9.  A book I am planning on reading…

– the new Karen Kingsbury novel out in October.

10.  People who are now tagged….