A little about me

I saw this on another blog, and so here goes….I am taging Joannah, Mariah, Becky and Tonia…go to it!!

I am….  a wife and momma.

I want….to be content with my body.

I wish…..I were more patient.

I hate…. throwing up.

I miss….. being in the paper chase of an adoption.

I hear….. silence, Kate is sleeping the boys are at a movie and Mike is weeding.

I wonder…. if we will adopt again.

I regret….. eating those alphabet cookies I just wolfed down.

I am not….a night owl.

I dance…. with my husband, when no one is around…very slowly! : )  And with my kids, loud an fast!

I sing…. with all my heart.

I cry….. when I am happy, sad or angry.

I am not always….. the nicest mom.

I make….. my sisters laugh by saying 2 words from a Brady Bunch episode.

I write….. long love letters to my husband, often.

I confuse….. want and need.

I need….. Diet Coke to be a kind person…lol!

I should……spend more time in the Word.

I start……. missing home the minute I leave.

I finish…… most things that I start.

Have fun!!! : )


2 thoughts on “A little about me

  1. Hmmm… I’m going to have to think about that. Maybe that will be tomorrow’s post for me.
    I love your answers! I’m so looking forward to Friday night.

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