A little about me

I saw this on another blog, and so here goes….I am taging Joannah, Mariah, Becky and Tonia…go to it!!

I am….  a wife and momma.

I want….to be content with my body.

I wish…..I were more patient.

I hate…. throwing up.

I miss….. being in the paper chase of an adoption.

I hear….. silence, Kate is sleeping the boys are at a movie and Mike is weeding.

I wonder…. if we will adopt again.

I regret….. eating those alphabet cookies I just wolfed down.

I am not….a night owl.

I dance…. with my husband, when no one is around…very slowly! : )  And with my kids, loud an fast!

I sing…. with all my heart.

I cry….. when I am happy, sad or angry.

I am not always….. the nicest mom.

I make….. my sisters laugh by saying 2 words from a Brady Bunch episode.

I write….. long love letters to my husband, often.

I confuse….. want and need.

I need….. Diet Coke to be a kind person…lol!

I should……spend more time in the Word.

I start……. missing home the minute I leave.

I finish…… most things that I start.

Have fun!!! : )


Crafty Kids

For all of you who know me, you all know just what a crafty person I am.


But, my kids made this all on their own for Katie Mei’s princess’s.  Of course Power Rangers and Darth Vader are the guards….. fun times!!


Sorry, a bit blurry from cell phone photo…


I was so excited for Michael….he worked for a long while on a NASA GOES weather satelite- which was launched.  The first images have come back and they are amazing.  I am so proud of him!!  AWESOME JOB BABE!!! Love you….



Does that just amaze you??  So cool.

Sound of Music

How can I even begin this post about my nephew’s performance in The Sound of Music??  The whole thing was wonderful, but Taylor was amazing.  Truly, he is gifted.  I won’t go on and on, but I could.  Tay, we love you!!  Awesome, amazing, wonderful.  I think we may be your first groupies.  Thanks for sharing your gifts with us.


Taylor is the tallest boy, Friedrich.



(my nephew singing a bit….)

2years old

Katie is 2.  Where did that go?  It amazes me sometimes how fast life moves.  I look at Jack, who will be 8 in Septeber and can remember the day I peed on a stick and realized I was pregnant with him.  Now he is memorizing multiplication facts, losing teeth and playing card games with me.  Sam, my sweet toe head, will be starting (GASP) kindergarten in the fall.  I can’t even fathom that one.  He is so excited, cannot wait to find out who his teacher is and who his new friends will be.  My little social butterfly is always able to make new friends.  It amazes me.

Then there is our Katie Mei.  Wasn’t I just complaining about how long the wait was to find out who she was?  Wasn’t I just trying to find a mobile notary to take to my doctors office to notarize forms for our dossier?  And weren’t we just in China with her, listening to her sweet giggle for the first time?  I cannot wrap my mind around the fact that she is 2.  It seems as though she has always been a part of our lives, and she has.  Yet at the same time, I am still so protective of the time I have with her because it feels like I have not had enough time with her.  I just stand in awe of these little blessings we have in our lives.