Summer has begun.  So has the summer struggle.  I know it is an adjustment period for all of us, to be together every day.  We have not signed up for anything at all this summer.  No classes, no camps, nada.  We are going on vacation- oh to the most wonderful place, lol  but I digress.  So the boys are at odds all the time, cannot find things to do on their own and are just being little uh poops.  I try to keep their day occupied, but I am NOT their entertainment center.  I am just trying to get us into a summer fun routine.  June gloom has set in so the beach and pool are out for awhile.  We went to the YMCA for class (mine) this morning.  Then came home, played, had lunch and Katie had a nap….when she got up we went for a long walk and came home.  Tomorrow…LOL, who knows.  Any other moms??  Ideas??


6 thoughts on “Life

  1. Hey, we have a pool in our HOA! Come on out this summer and we can swim and let the boys go wild! I’ve got water guns, noodles, and diving toys!

  2. you can always come visit me and baby bel! We would love the company. Might not be too interesting for the boys though. If only we still had the big mound of dirt in the backyard!

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