SO, who said little girls are dainty and sweet?  NOT THIS MOMMA.  Never have my 2, very BOY BOYS done something like this.  (and I have to say that I AM DANG PROUD)…..

Nap time.  In the Markmiller home, it is a sacred time.  Katie was in bed listening to her newest obsession, The Wiggles.  The boys came home from lunch with Nana, and Katie yelled for Hammy. (Sam)-  I went in to start her music, and was overcome by a smell that I know so well.  I figured she pooped.  Yes, she did.  But, as I look at her crib and see her standing there, it actually takes me a moment to realize that my daughter was naked.  Now, it wasn’t that long ago that I had put her in the crib fully clothed.

My sweet daughter, had decided that she had been siting in the poop long enough (mind you, 5 minutes)…and decided to literally take matters into her own hands.  Soooo, what does a good momma do?  I look at her and say "don’t move" and take photos of her, with the poop still all over the crib.  I CANNOT post the photo, but trust me, it will come into her life sometime down the road (read, wedding) and we will all laugh.  Ahhhh the unending joys and surprises of motherhood.


7 thoughts on “Dainty???

  1. I love it – all moms can appreciate that in some way. I have to agree none of my boys have done that either – and Chloe hasn’t YET either – fingers crossed!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Well well. It seems our spicy girls have their poop well in hand (pun intended). Just yesterday while I was IM’ing Rick at work, my ever-so-feminine Caroline took off her diaper and emptied a baseball-sized poop onto the floor which sent Peter scurrying downstairs to avoid the stink. I had to tell Rick that I had a poop crisis and would be right back. This makes twice I have had to pick up her poop off the floor. And, like you, I NEVER had to do that with Peter! Hang on, Becky! You could be next! Ugh!

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