My Sweet Carson


My sweet Niece Carson at her piano concert.  She was AWESOME!!  We got to sit behind a 70’s celebrity!  She was a grandma- anyone want to venture a guess as to who it was??  No fair if you already know!! : )


7 thoughts on “My Sweet Carson

  1. There aren’t enough clues for me to venture a guess, and I grew up in the 70’s!
    LOVE the pictures of the kids in their cowboy outfits! They are just adorable!

  2. She hasn’t aged much, has she?
    Rick was in a wedding for a good friend of ours this weekend. He is a widower with 2 girls (13 and 7) and married a widow with no children. The girls are gaining some interesting cousins. Turns out, the bride is the aunt of the Olsen Twins. Their older sister was there (looks a lot like them) and their father (bride’s brother)was at the reception. The twins cannot attend things like this as they cause too much of a stir.
    The bride is a great catch for our friend. She is bubbly, wanted to be a mom but couldn’t (and her husband didn’t want to adopt), and his girls absolutely ADORE her! Even before they knew who she was related to! The youngest one said as they pronounced them husband and wife, “Finally I have a mom.” It was the most beautiful wedding I had been to. It is so beautiful when things are done in God’s order.

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