Amazing Race???

Is anyone else a total geeky fan of The Amazing Race like I am??  I was so excited to watch the 2 hour season finale last night.  Even more excited that my very FAVORITE team, the Hippies won!  What I really liked about them as a team, is that  they really worked together and supported each other and they HAD FUN!!! 

Could you ever do that with anyone?  I hate flying so I don’t think that I could ever do a race like that, but I think Michael could.  Anyone else?  And who would you go with?  I think it is really interesting.

And Frodo is finally gone off of American Idol.  Who are ya rooting for?

I know, I know lame is my life if I am discussing TV shows on my blog.  I could be complaining about my sore legs from working out today….hmmmm….

; )


3 thoughts on “Amazing Race???

  1. I’ve succombed to watching AI. One of my blogger friends, whose taste in music I trust, was all hot for Taylor. So, I started watching it a little to see what he was all about. Now I’m very interested in next week’s outcome. As for the AR – nope, don’t include that one on my TiVo list.

  2. ME! I LOVE the Amazing Race! Actually this was my first season watching – I have always heard how great this show is but I never remembered to watch. I got hooked and can’t wait until fall for the next one. I wanted the hippies to win too. So fun!
    As for Idol, I was rooting for Elliott but since he’s gone, definitely Taylor.
    (And lest you think I am a TV addict, those are the only 2 shows I watch! *G*)

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