Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Today was wonderful.  Michael totally outdid himself with this day.  This morning I woke up to a huge banner across our kitchen that the kids made….with help from Daddy.  It is awesome.  Then he produced a Ice Cold Diet Coke with Ice and a straw from Mcdonalds….as well as a peanut butter bun from a really wonderful asian bakery.  Then it was my Sunday to work nursery in church, but Michael took the duty for me.  He took care of 7 babies!  They were all quiet and happy when they were in there, is he amazing or what???

After 1st service, Katie and I headed home for lunch and a nap, while Michael taught his normal Sunday School class and the boys hung out with him.  When they came home, we quickly got ready and went to dinner with his family.  We had fun.  The boys played with Pop and Katie and I learned Eskimo kisses together.  She was giggling.  It was crowded but fun.

Then we came home and I got my gifts.  Michael outdid himself in this area.  I LOVE YOU MICHAEL MARKMILLER!!! : )  I got a new Sara Groves cd.  I got the new Karen Kingsbury book Divine and then my necklace.  AAAAAAAHHHH my sweet sweet necklace.  We have friends at church, Jen and John whose sister in law designs jewlery.  Her name is Liberty Worth and you can see her website at www.libertyworth.com .  She has amazing things, check it out!  I will post a photo too of the necklace.  It is wonderful. 

My children were so sweet today and my day was relaxed and so so awesome.  I thank you, my husband, for being so loving, so selfless and just the best friend that I have ever had.  Thank you.  And to all my friends who are moms, have moms, or know moms, Happy Blessed Mother’s Day!!Img_2452 Img_2467


3 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day!!!

  1. And people try to say that children aren’t a blessing?? I couldn’t disagree more!!! And good husbands are blessings too!! I love your necklace – glad you enjoyed your day!

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